About us:

UNISPHERE GLOBAL CENTRE celebrates the diversity of culture worldwide!

Primarily we strive to increase public awareness of the links between Canadians and people in other parts of the world.

We welcome others, whether from here in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, or from around the world. Together, we learn about life in other nations, and offer opportunities for Albertans to have a positive impact overseas. We do not employ any paid staff. We are not affiliated with any other organization, church or agency, but encourage the open exchange of information and resources among these groups.

Unisphere is a community-based charity that educates people in several ways:

If you have an interest in other cultures, whether for school projects, travel or humanitarian reasons, you will find valuable information at our centre. Please drop by!

Board of Directors


101 - 6 Street SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta
T1A 1G7
Phone: 403-529-2656

(Lower floor of Westminster United Church)